The Hall of Valor

What is it?

The Hall of Valor is a service dedicated to providing players the opportunity to compete based on their DPS parses as well as provide players a way to prove their merit to other in-game players.

How does it work?


As a registered user, you will have the ability to submit a DPS parse of yours to this website. The parse includes basic information like the character name, class, dps, etc. along with a link to a video/screenshot of your dps parse.

Once you have submitted a DPS parse, it will be placed in the queue where The Hall of Valor team will see it, inspect it and either verify or reject your dps parse (will provide reasons if rejected).

Once your DPS parse has been verified, your character will have their global rank calculated and placed on this website for the world to see!

Ranks will only be calculated for the highest verified DPS parse for any given user's character. This means you can be ranked for each character that you have in your ESO account!


The addon is a very simple one. It adds a new command, /hov, to ESO's chat. This command generates a url for in-game players to click on which will directly take them to a page showing your character ranks.

The intent is that this provide a merit based system for which other players can verify that you know what you are doing (at least on a target dummy).